Be a service hero! From underdog to digital transformer

In the fast-paced world of service, support and maintenance, you are often the quiet hero in the background. You keep your customers' machines and systems running reliably and efficiently. But now is the time to step out from behind the scenes and become the hero of your industry. Find out how EquipmentCloud® can transform you from underdog to service hero.

EquipmentCloud® is a cloud-basedis a cloud-based solution for the machine lifecycle. It helps you perform your maintenance tasks more efficiently and effectively. With it, you can

  • collect and analyze data from your machines,
  • create and manage maintenance intervals and schedules,
  • detect and fix problems early, and
  • improve customer service and support.

Which service type are you?

How you benefit from EquipmentCloud® depends on your unique service type. Because everyone, whether in service, after-sales or maintenance, plays a unique role. In which role do you see yourself?

The Machine Whisperer

When the production line stops unexpectedly and desperation is in the air, you are the one who is called. As a machine whisperer, you have a rare and valuable skill: you understand the language of machines. With your technical knowledge and hands-on experience, you are the hero who makes the impossible possible and prevents costly downtime.

The Archive Detective

Do you often find yourself searching for a needle in a haystack of dusty files and endless stacks of paper? As the Archive Detective, you are the secret hero, sifting through piles of assembly plans, maintenance reports, and engineering drawings to find the crucial document.

The Spare Parts Tinkerer

Your job is to keep machines up and running, often under time pressure and with incomplete information. What is the biggest challenge here? Exactly, having the right parts on hand. You rush to the scene with the necessary parts, which you hope are the right ones. But all too often, it turns out that the parts don't fit, are out of date, or maybe even have a completely different problem. You have to improvise, modify parts or repair them on site to get the machine up and running again.

The Information Conductor

Every day, you face the daunting task of managing a flood of information. Your tools? Your phone, various messenger services on your smartphone, email, surprise phone calls, and notes on your desk. Each of these channels floods you with new information, urgent requests, and important updates. You need to prioritize, process information quickly, bundle it, and get it to the right people.

This is how you can become a service hero with EquipmentCloud®

As a machine whisperer, you are often the person of last resort when a machine stops unexpectedly. That means stress and pressure, because you need to act quickly and efficiently. Through continuous monitoring and predictive analytics, EquipmentCloud® helps you anticipate and prevent machine downtime. You get early warning of potential problems and can act proactively before a downtime occurs. 

These modules help you do that:

Maintenance: Calendar with checklists

  • Efficient and predictive maintenance planning using templates, types, resources, and links to identify and resolve potential problems early
  • Use the maintenance calendar for preventive and predictive maintenance and servicing
  • Perform planned maintenance and ad hoc repairs
  • Guided by illustrated instructions for ease of implementation and process reliability
  • Saves time and resources

Monitoring: Intelligent monitoring and visualization

  • Systematic evaluation of alarms, status, process values and throughput
  • Determination of production-relevant key figures according to individual KPI models as a basis for preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Easy troubleshooting and fault identification

Your ability to navigate this maze of old documents is admirable. But we understand that it can also be a huge challenge. It's not just about finding the right document, it's about the time you lose in the process. Imagine how much time you could save if all your important information was digital, centralized and easily accessible an archive detective's dream.

Single Source of Truth – all relevant information in one central location:With EquipmentCloud®, you have access to a centralized source of knowledge where all important information about machines and equipment is stored. This information is always up-to-date and can be accessed through the service and customer portal. This saves you valuable time searching for the information you need and allows you to quickly focus on solving the problem.

This module helps you do that:

eDocs: Digital management of project, machine and equipment documents

  • Efficient file management: The eDocs module allows you to manage documents in a variety of formats and to quickly access and download files
  • Individual document access: Users receive personalized access to relevant documents to avoid being overloaded with unnecessary information
  • Low administrative effort: Centralized administration minimizes maintenance

Global Search: This feature allows users to quickly and efficiently search the customer portal for various information (indexed documents, tickets, knowledge base entries, master data) using a search field. The search function is directly accessible from the sidebar in each module and includes search filters for specific page areas in all modules.

Move from being a reactive mechanic who has to do the right thing under the pressure of time to being a proactive solution finder who acts with foresight and efficiency. With EquipmentCloud®, you get a digital parts catalog tailored specifically to your machines and systems. Just imagine: No more desperate searches, no more stress over wrong or missing parts. Instead, a smooth, efficient, and most importantly, proactive way of working that not only saves time and resources, but also increases your sales of spare and wear parts.

This module will help you do that:

SpareParts/Pro – Digital parts catalog with order tracking

  • Proactive parts service: With SpareParts/Pro, you always have the right parts at the right time
  • Transparent ordering process: With order tracking, you always know the status of your order
  • Easy parts identification: Integrated achine-specific parts catalogs by Quanos speed up the parts search process, ensuring that you have the right parts for every machine

The EquipmentCloud® transforms your daily flood of information into an intuitive customer portal. It efficiently consolidates scattered data, transforms it into a structured, accessible source, and puts you back in control of the flow of information. With this centralized solution, you can significantly reduce the time you spend managing information, respond more quickly to inquiries, and make decisions based on current and reliable data. Moving from an overloaded information conductor to an empowered information manager significantly increases customer satisfaction and the efficiency of your service team.

These modules can help you do that:

  • Central Customer Portal: Consolidates all information, communication channels, and documents in one place.
  • OpenIssues: Enables efficient handling of customer requests and issues for structured communication within the team and with the customer.
  • KnowledgeBase: Enables you to bundle recurring information and knowledge by topic and to make successful solutions available to the team and the customer for self-help.

Are you ready to become a service hero?

We know you're good. But you could be the best! The EquipmentCloud® is your tool to be more efficient, faster and more accurate. Enhance your skills, unlock new potential in service, maintenance and after-sales, and become the service hero you can be.

Are you ready to put your digitalization strategy into practice?