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Welcome to our blog all about digital transformation! Here we share valuable knowledge from the world of digitalization and service success in mechanical engineering. In our blog, you will find all the exciting news about EquipmentCloud® and how we can help you make your service and after-sales processes fit for the digital future.

  • 23 Life Hacks to Make Your Everyday Service Work Easier and More Efficient

    Discover 23 effective digitalization tools in EquipmentCloud® that make your everyday servicing work in mechanical engineering more efficient and stress-free. 


  • How to Save Time with Optimized Maintenance Documentation in Mechanical Engineering

    How would it be if there were a solution that reduces the time required for maintenance documentation in mechanical engineering to a minimum? Find out how the optimized maintenance module of the EquipmentCloud® digital transformation solution overcomes these challenges.

  • How to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Site Acceptance Tests During Commissioning

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    Erfahren Sie, wie Sie für eine reibungslose Inbetriebnahme die Effizienz der Site Acceptance Tests (SATs) verbessern und entdecken Sie bewährte Methoden zur Optimierung des gesamten Prozesses.


  • How Data Analysis at Process Level Boosts Service Success in Mechanical Engineering

    The analysis of process values offers mechanical engineers deep insights into process efficiency and how different types of machines and systems work across multiple locations. Learn how  machine manufacturers benefit from analyzing their performance data.

  • No Two OEE’s Are the Same! How Machines Can Be Evaluated Across Industries

    Overall Equipment Efficiency, better known as OEE, is the golden standard for measuring productivity in manufacturing. But even though it is recognized globally, it varies between each company and industry. Read here how machines can still be evaluated using common metrics.  

  • The Future is Now: The Potential of Combining Machine Learning and Condition Monitoring

    In this interview, engineer Christoph Wilding and data scientist  Maik Pertermann classify the most important buzzwords concerning condition monitoring and machine learning as part of a diploma thesis on the topic of retrofitting a washing machine.

  • Six Reasons How Your Service Benefits from Modularizing Your Machines

    Easy management of complex machines and systems down to module and component level: The new component function makes it possible. We'll show you six good reasons how your service can benefit from modularization.

  • Targeted Marketing of Upgrades, Service Packages, and Training on Machines and Systems

    A specifically tailored customer service that is based on recommendations, takes previous purchasing behavior into account, and proactively provides information at the right time — this is the desired scenario of many machine suppliers who want to take their service to a new level. 

  • Optimize Complex Processes by Utilizing Multiple Checklists and Workflows in Taskboard Design

    What do commissioning jobs and projects in mechanical and plant engineering have in common? As a rule, these are complex processes that consist of several milestones and include numerous (sub) tasks. In addition, a large number of stakeholders is involved, working together across functions and sometimes even locations. It is precisely here that a clever and, above all, efficient coordination is more important than ever. 

  • Device Management: A Must-Have for IT Managers in Mechanical Engineering

    Management and monitoring of IoT devices in the field: The must-have for IT managers in mechanical engineering. From central onboarding to management and monitoring — all in one tool.

  • Facelift for the EquipmentCloud® Mobile App

    With the new update, the native app has gained many functions and improvements. All functions and applications can now be accessed directly via intuitive menu navigation. Learn more about all the changes and the new RemoteAssistance and Workflows features now.

  • Digital Customer Portal: Benefits for Sales and Service

    Sales and service go hand in hand!? This is no longer wishful thinking but is becoming an integral part of standard practice. Where departments once pursued their own clearly distinct activities, close cooperation in the age of digitalization now creates entirely new synergies. 

  • Data-Based Maintenance: Intelligently Planned and Implemented with a Focus on Saving Resources

    Digitally planning maintenance of machines and systems and using artificial intelligence to calculate service cycles: that is the future of mechanical engineering.

  • We're Guests on the IoT Use Case Podcast!

    Digital service seems to manifest itself in every branch of industry and is also becoming increasingly widespread in mechanical engineering. RAMPF, the manufacturer of reactive resins and special-purpose machines, has embarked on this path and has succeeded in creating real digital added value for its customers through innovation in customer service, data documentation, and customer communication.

  • Uptime of EquipmentCloud® in 2020: 100% Availability!

    According to KPMG's Cloud Monitor 2020, two out of five companies use cloud security measures on multi-cloud applications to counteract potential outages. High availability is therefore essential for reliable service and high levels of customer satisfaction. According to the PWC cloud computing study and Statista, service availability of over 99.1% is usually contractually guaranteed by the large and specialized cloud providers.

  • Analysis of the Potential for Service and After Sales

    Digital services have an enormous impact on increasing sales potential for mechanical engineering companies. These days, product sales is no longer sufficient to stand out from the competition and significantly increase company growth. Ultimately, it is well-coordinated after sales service that strengthens customer loyalty and significantly influences customer satisfaction. 

  • InnoLas Solutions relies on EquipmentCloud®

  • Improving Production Sustainably with Data Science: The Monitoring API for Data Scientists

  • Increase Service Efficiency with Bitnamic CONNECT and EquipmentCloud® from Kontron AIS: The All-Round Solution for Mecha

  • Agile Digital Transformation Solution for the Manufacturing and Production Industry

    Reactive was yesterday — today, proactive service is more in demand than ever before. But how can this actually be put into practice and what added value does a digital transformation solution offer for service and users? How can a digital solution optimize processes and resources, detect machine failures at an early stage, and shorten service response times? These and other questions were explored by the EquipmentCloud® product team at Kontron AIS together with the participants in the online workshop.

  • Service in Transition — How to Increase New Potential in Mechanical Engineering

    Missed the workshop? Here you can find the most important takeaways from our online series of workshops on “Service & After Sales — Increasing Potential in Mechanical Engineering” from July 2020. Best practice examples, approaches for connecting your machines and a Getting Started Guide for developing new business models with the IIoT service solution: The best of three workshops, summarized for you at a glance.  

  • Increase Response Time in Service and After Sales with the Digital Workplace

    With the new start page of the EquipmentCloud® all important information can be reached with one click. The view is completely adapted to your wishes and needs.

  • Consider Time After Crisis When Thinking About Remote-service-solutions in Mechanical Engineering

    Corona time. The world is in the home office. The few who come to work, in order to allow a continued production, follow a time regime that is intended to prevent personal encounters as far as possible. Travels by service technicians to machine and system operators are currently top of the not-to-do list.

  • Successful product launch for Adenso #Happyclients

    For Adenso Industrial Services GmbH, we introduced the IIoT platform EquipmentCloud® as a central service and customer portal for digital systems monitoring and management of multiple Adenso solutions.

  • AIS publishes Node-Red Knoten for the connection of the EquipmentCloud®

    From now on, the EquipmentCloud® can be paired with the Node-RED node in no time via different interfaces & protocols.

  • Augmented reality for smart maintenance – a first step

    Augmented reality in machine and system engineering – a valuable support for efficient and cost-effective maintenance worldwide. Now with Bitnamic in the EquipmentCloud®.

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