InnoLas Solutions relies on EquipmentCloud®

Pubilshed on January 21, 2021 From Susann Städter

InnoLas Solutions, a specialist in laser systems for micro-material processing, uses EquipmentCloud®  as a white label mobile customer app. That means that customers can now use it to find out about news, partnerships, and products as well as to get extensive customer service.

What advantages does equipment supplier InnoLas Solutions offer its customers with the app?

  • Customer Service 24/7
  • Monitoring of disruptions, throughputs and machine indicators such as availability and utilization in real time
  • Current processing status of tickets and maintenance can be viewed at any time 
  • Push notifications about system downtimes, alarms and pending maintenance
  • Requirements for upgrades, service calls, or other after sales services
  • News section with the latest updates on the products and the company 

The InnoLas Solutions app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. However, unlimited access to all functions of the EquipmentCloud® is subject to a recurring subscription and requires a connection of the system to the cloud.

With the full range of functions offered by a mobile service app, manufacturing companies significantly improve the availability of their systems and set the course for optimized production to save time and money.

Interested? Then sign up for the demo and download the mobile app. This allows you to test the interaction of web application EquipmentCloud® and native app free of charge for 30 days.

Test the mobile app for iOS now!