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Using the EquipmentCloud® digital transformation solution you can optimize your service and after-sales processes in mechanical engineering, improve customer loyalty and develop new data-based business models - all in one place, simply and efficiently.

Digital transformation made easy.

We want to make a lasting difference in mechanical engineering and help you stand out from the competition. Why are we doing this? Because we know it can be done better.

At the moment, data is scattered across various systems, Excel tables and checklists are time consuming to maintain, and service teams are only called when it is actually too late. But there is a better way to deliver modern service: the EquipmentCloud® digital transformation solution, which brings together all the data and information that you need in one place.

We see digitalization as an opportunity for mechanical engineering companies to establish data-based business models and open up new areas of business. We help you make the most of these opportunities offered by digitalization and take your service and after-sales to the next level.

Every use case a success

  • 166%

    faster commissioning

  • 100%

    more projects to manage

  • 70%

    faster customer support

  • 25%

    faster project turnaround

  • 55%

    higher customer satisfaction

  • 25%

    higher spare parts turnover

  • 100%


  • 53%

    more after-sales business

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Proactive customer service significantly reduces response times by identifying errors and downtimes at an early stage. Instant notification of important events via mobile devices enables mechanical engineering manufacturers to act proactively and quickly, significantly increasing operators' customer satisfaction. Upcoming maintenance and repair work can be planned and integrated into the ongoing production process or solved via remote support. 

The interplay between efficiency, availability and quality of machines and systems is crucial for highly automated production processes. The use of machine data in real time raises product development to a higher level and opens up the use of new data-based services in after-sales. Condition monitoring as well as KPI and trend analyses enable preventive or even predictive AI-based maintenance. This reliably prevents unplanned downtimes and effectively extends the lifecycle of machines.

Machinery varies in terms of age, modularity and technology. From development to production and commissioning to after-sales, machines and systems pass through many hands. Transparency and traceability are therefore crucial. A central database is the basis for efficient and high-quality service and after-sales. Digital processes need to be optimized and rethought in terms of cross-functionality.

Digital customer portals turn products and services into an experience. They form the central point of entry for all information and data relating to the machine and system. When reactive service reaches its limits, they optimize customer communication, enable self-service and bundle information from different systems in one place. 

IoT devices form the basis for intelligent applications of the near future, whose failure cannot be tolerated in an industrial environment. Uninterrupted connectivity, 100% security, 24/7 access, and remote monitoring and maintenance are essential for successful device management. Edge device management enables mechanical engineering manufacturers to offer immediate help worldwide, manage fleets of devices efficiently and risk-free, and monetize edge services. 

These companies rely on EquipmentCloud®

"Since using the EquipmentCloud®, the commissioning of our machines and robot systems can be completed more than 30% faster. Simply because the platform centralizes and networks the data of our machines, the specialized knowledge of our employees and the entire knowledge and experience from past projects in one place. We are currently using only a tiny part of the functional range and we are already impressed by the results!"

Peter Seydel, Department Manager Customer Service at Fabmatics GmbH, the specialist for the automation and robotics of material flows and handling processes in the semiconductor industry

"The EquipmentCloud® gives our team a quick and easy overview of all our customer projects. The individual cockpit provides not only us but also our customers with an overview of their machines, simplifies the search for important information and saves everyone involved an enormous amount of time in administration and communication. This opens new resources for us to continuously develop our customer service and gives us the ability to provide added value to our customers by linking the equipment data in the EquipmentCloud®. When searching for a suitable platform, it was most important for us to find a partner who understands us and our industry, the mechanical engineering sector. We have found that, and we can clearly recommend this solution!"

Stefan Huber, Director Project Management at RAMPF Production Systems GmbH, the internationally leading supplier of innovative systems for mixing and metering technology

"As a holistic solution provider for innovations in laser technology, we at InnoLas Solutions rely on our key partner Kontron AIS: from machine control and comprehensive integration services to visualization and processing of data in the cloud. With all these topics, we are in good hands.The long-term and trustful cooperation and the high level of expertise of the software developers have contributed to this. The EquipmentCloud® service platform, the FabLink® connectivity solution and the ToolCommander® control framework are the key resources for digitizing our high-precision laser applications."

Niels Krauch, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Innolas Solutions GmbH, a leading machine manufacturer of laser systems for micromaterial processing

"For the development of Smart Services as a classic plant and machinery manufacturer, DAS would like to make its waste gas and wastewater treatment systems more intelligent. With Kontron AIS and its digital transformation solution, we have a local and competent partner at our side to help us perform data-driven fault analyses, automated data transfers maintenance in a predictive manner."

Caroline Albers, Process Engineer Water Treatment & Project Manager „Smart System – digital Services“ at DAS Environmental Expert GmbH, the specialized supplier of environmental technologies

"The train formation facility (ZBA) Seddin Nord-Süd and thus the maintenance team for the shunting equipment has benefited directly from higher availability, shunting quality and a faster response times since the digital transformation solution EquipmentCloud® from Kontron AIS is used. The visualization of monitoring data (alarm duration and frequency) as well as the load statistics of the track brakes provide us, as the district manager of DB Netz, with a secure and reliable argumentation and planning basis for reinvestment in future braking systems."

Daniel Mairing, District Manager LST Seddin at DB Netz AG, the largest railway infrastructure manager in Germany

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Working together for more innovation: Our network creates new potential

With our broad network of experts and partners, we are able to develop synergies and create new potential for EquipmentCloud® and as a result for you as a user. The joint exchange with our partners from different disciplines broadens our perspective and creates interdisciplinary approaches for an innovative product.

As a certified Oracle partner, we rely on Oracle Cloud infrastructure for our digital transformation solution and therefore on a globally active and reliable technology provider.
Bitnamic is a strong and experienced partner, making EquipmentCloud® a comprehensive solution for maintenance and service in the area of remote assistance.
Quanos Service Solutions GmbH is our partner for the professional implementation of projects for spare parts catalogs and service information systems.
Michael Lachner is an experienced consultant who has been supporting mechanical engineering companies in the development of digital services and assisting them in activating service potential and transformation for 25 years. As part of our network of experts, he supports our customers in developing a sustainable service strategy during workshops.

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