AIS publishes Node-Red Knoten for the connection of the EquipmentCloud®

Pubilshed on August 8, 2019

For all “Do-It-Yourselfer" among machine and system manufacturers, the new Node-RED EquipmentCloud® Monitoring Node offers the opportunity to easily connect and configure their machines with the EquipmentCloud®.

This opens the door into active monitoring of existing equipment in the field with EquipmentCloud®.
At the same time, the flow-based programming Node-RED offers a fast implementation of the coupling through numerous prefabricated interfaces or compatible protocols such as OPC-UA, MQTT, Ethernet IP, S7 Kommunication, JSON, FINS, XML/HTML or databases.
More advantages are the simple programming  and that everyone with a hands-on mentality can handle it independently.
For monitoring of alarms, statuses or process values, the machine language does not matter.
The EquipmentCloud® and the AIS node are the key to successful monitoring on your own.
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EquipmentCloud® AIS-Node