Increase Response Time in Service and After Sales with the Digital Workplace

Pubilshed on July 10, 2020 From Vanessa Kluge

Who does not wish to have all the necessary information always up-to-date and available? Tasks must be carried out quickly and efficiently. Especially in service and after sales, a fast reaction time is the key to high customer satisfaction. Current and past activities, up-to-date documentation, notifications of alarms and upcoming maintenance as well as key figures of machines and systems in one place can be accessed at any time is a demand that many machine and systems manufacturers have. The user must be able to access the information quickly and easily with just a few clicks, especially frequently used features and content that are regularly reviewed or used. The navigation through countless submenus should be reduced to a minimum.
With the digital workstation of the EquipmentCloud®, this is now possible without further ado. Instead of a classic module view, the EquipmentCloud® home page is equipped with individually customizable and movable widgets, which together form the personal dashboard. This replaces the rigid navigation within the service solution according to functions with interactive widgets.
The widgets range from continuous lists, various diagrams, note fields, internal and external direct links to key figures as a map or plaque, HTML Editor & Viewer to real-time visualization of investment states and individual process values. By clicking on the individual widgets, the user gets directly to the underlying information.
Examples of lists:

  • Diary entries
  • Workflow deadlines
  • OpenIssues
  • Latest documents
  • Service requests or remote calls
  • Open and top alarms grouped either by alarm class or type

Examples of diagrams:

  • Issue Trend by Status, Category or Priority
  • New issues
  • Monitoring KPIs
  • KPI trends
  • Individual process values

Examples of direct links:

  • External websites
  • Shortcuts / Bookmarks to individual apps or specific functional areas

Examples of key figures:

  • OEE, Availability, Monitoring Rate as card or badge
  • Issues or assigned tickets as a card or badge

Examples HTML Editor & Viewer:

  • Graphic factory overview or map
  • News with picture, text and external links
  • Machine images as tiles with internal links

Examples of calendars:

  • Maintenance calendar

The Equipment Filter serves as a superordinate control unit. There, the desired equipment, the customer or the machine type can be selected flexibly by means of the intelligent hierarchy structure “Fancy Tree”. The widget data can be updated in no time. If you jump from the dashboard into one of the modules, the equipment selection remains, the “Fancy Tree” will remember this automatically.
Further configuration spaces are provided by the definition of the viewing period (yesterday, last 7 /14 or 28 days), the update rhythm (30sec to 5min), the size, the static or dynamic hierarchy selection, or by the definition of the viewing period (last 7 /14 or 28 days). Titling of the widgets by means of Quick Picks possible.
This is a clear commitment to the user and means that only what is really relevant to the user is placed on the digital workstation. There are no limits for the user regarding the number of personal dashboards. The digital workstation can be individually designed. Administrators also have the right to define and allocate dashboard templates for specific departments, user groups or domains. An integrated Copy & Paste feature makes it easy to reuse and customize existing dashboards.
The digital workstation ensures more efficient workflows, provides a clear and focused overview of current processes, is tailored to the needs of users and makes navigation with EquipmentCloud® considerably easier.
The nice thing about it is that the dashboard grows steadily and agile. The three building blocks make this possible: the APEX development environment of our partner Oracle, the enthusiasm of our customers and the tech expertise of our development team.
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