Analysis of the Potential for Service and After Sales

Pubilshed on April 8, 2021

Pure product focus alone is no longer the answer. Digital services are the key.

Digital services have an enormous impact on increasing sales potential for mechanical engineering companies. These days, product sales is no longer sufficient to stand out from the competition and significantly increase company growth. Ultimately, it is well-coordinated after sales service that strengthens customer loyalty and significantly influences customer satisfaction.

The establishment of after sales services within a company requires rethinking and action on various levels. Managing directors, service managers and product managers often face a mammoth task in this respect. That is because it is not only important to establish the right mindset in the organization, but it is also necessary to rethink the right strategy and corresponding processes and structures. The process usually takes place one step at a time.  Many machine manufacturers have recognized this need a long time ago and have already taken the first important steps towards digitalization. However, there is an urgent need for action in other areas as well. 

As in many areas of life, it is also important to have a roadmap when it comes to digitalization, in order to successfully implement set goals. The first step is to carry out an analysis of the current situation and find out where the company is on its way to offering a digital service portfolio. This provides the opportunity to deal intensively with the current situation on various levels, to identify the company’s strengths and weaknesses, and to discover potential that is still dormant.

In order to support machine manufacturers in analyzing their current situation, Kontron AIS prepared the “Potential analysis for Service and After Sales”. In this interactive questionnaire, various topics are pinpointed that influence sales and profit as well as differentiation and competitiveness. This is confirmed by numerous recent studies such as the one published by the VDMA, and also service expert Hartmut Pleyer from Schreiber & Partner. The topics include:

  • Organization
  • Strategy & business model
  • Service processes
  • Products
  • Knowledge management
  • Communication & documentation
  • Key indicators and
  • Instruments and tools.

The potential analysis is available for download. After answering and submitting the questionnaire, respondents receive a detailed evaluation of the digitalization level of their service during a 30-minute online meeting, as well as recommendations for action on what to do next.
As Denis Waitley once said, “Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.”
Start now and use the Potential Analysis for Service and After Sales for the digital transformation in your company.

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