What is the potential of your machine data? Find out!

In the workshop: Monitoring & Maschinenintegration digitaler Servicelösungen on the 21st In July 2020, you will get an insight into the basics and potentials that arise from the monitoring data of your machines and plants in the field for your company and your customers.
Together, we analyse the technical requirements in your production and show you different solutions for integrating your machine data into a digital platform. Without complicated expansion or redesing of your technical infrastructure.
Learn more about how the SAAS Platform EquipmentCloud® based on Oracle APEX lets your machine data speak – directly or via Kontron S&T AG’s IoT Gateways.
AGENDA for the workshop 21. July 2020
9:00 Welcome and introduction

  • Expectations and questions of the participants
  • Monitoring app of EquipmentCloud, classification Data acquisition and equipment integration Experiences

09:35 Monitoring – Why and what are the prerequisites?

  • Brainstorming on objectives and requirements
  • Discussion of technical status (interfaces, IT infrastructure, couplings, data structure)
  • Common categorisation and prioritisation

10:10 Solutions & Technical Implementation (Part I)
How can machine data be integrated into EquipmentCloud® in real time?

  • Web standard REST
  • Technical demo “washing machine”

10:50 Coffee break
10:55 Solutions & Technical Implementation (Part II)
How can machine data be integrated flexibly despite versatile interfaces?

  • Kontron IoT Gateways & Node Red
  • Technical demo “Opel Corsa”

11:40 Wrap-Up and Outlook
12:00 Adoption
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