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Welcome to our blog all about digital transformation! Here we share valuable knowledge from the world of digitalization and service success in mechanical engineering. In our blog, you will find all the exciting news about EquipmentCloud® and how we can help you make your service and after-sales processes fit for the digital future.

  • Multilingual Customer Portal: The New Translation Functionality Offers Communication without Borders to Improve Cooperation

  • 23 Life Hacks to Make Your Everyday Service Work Easier and More Efficient

  • How to Save Time with Optimized Maintenance Documentation in Mechanical Engineering

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    How to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Site Acceptance Tests During Commissioning

  • How Data Analysis at Process Level Boosts Service Success in Mechanical Engineering

  • No Two OEE’s Are the Same! How Machines Can Be Evaluated Across Industries

  • The Future is Now: The Potential of Combining Machine Learning and Condition Monitoring

  • Six Reasons How Your Service Benefits from Modularizing Your Machines

  • Targeted Marketing of Upgrades, Service Packages, and Training on Machines and Systems

  • Optimize Complex Processes by Utilizing Multiple Checklists and Workflows in Taskboard Design

  • Device Management: A Must-Have for IT Managers in Mechanical Engineering

  • Facelift for the EquipmentCloud® Mobile App

  • Digital Customer Portal: Benefits for Sales and Service

  • Predictive Maintenance im Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

    Data-Based Maintenance: Intelligently Planned and Implemented with a Focus on Saving Resources

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    We're Guests on the IoT Use Case Podcast!

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    Uptime of EquipmentCloud® in 2020: 100% Availability!

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    Analysis of the Potential for Service and After Sales

  • InnoLas Solutions relies on EquipmentCloud®

  • Improving Production Sustainably with Data Science: The Monitoring API for Data Scientists

  • Increase Service Efficiency with Bitnamic CONNECT and EquipmentCloud® from Kontron AIS: The All-Round Solution for Mechanical Engineering

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    Successful customer projects insights: Why mechanical engineering benefits from digitalization, especially in challenging times

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    Agile Digital Transformation Solution for the Manufacturing and Production Industry

  • How the EquipmentCloud® Mobile App Enables Proactive Service

  • Service in Transition — How to Increase New Potential in Mechanical Engineering

  • Increase Response Time in Service and After Sales with the Digital Workplace

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    Consider Time After Crisis When Thinking About Remote-service-solutions in Mechanical Engineering

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    Successful product launch for Adenso #Happyclients

  • Highlights from the Maintenance 2020

  • Augmented reality for smart maintenance – a first step

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    AIS publishes Node-Red Knoten for the connection of the EquipmentCloud®

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    How EquipmentCloud® Optimizes the Seddin North-South Marshalling Yard

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