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The sales potential of services in mechanical Engineering is expected to be over 35%, as various studies* show. This enormous potential is far from being exploited by medium-sized mechanical engineers. Today, a majority of the companies only realise a proportionate service turnover of 10-25%. A majority of companies see the reason for this in the reactive service approach. This is characterised by a transactional interaction with the customer. Especially when it is already burning and an on-site operation is carried out by the technician or spare parts are necessary. Modern service-oriented product sales, on the other hand, are proactive, responsive and individually tailored to the customer’s needs.

Reactive was yesterday, proactive service & after-sales is the future.

This requires close and synchronized cooperation between service and sales throughout the entire machine lifecycle. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about supporting the customer during commissioning, during regular operation, troubleshooting, continuous analysis or ultimately during the lifespan extension. For the customer, the manufacturer must be the “Go-To” contact person, at any time, from anywhere and at any request.
This may sound promising, but at the same time some machine and plant manufacturers are slightly panicked, because resources such as time and personnel are now limited. Reaction speed requires some basic prerequisites regarding processes, working methods, knowledge, team coordination and appropriate tools to translate proactive service into reality.
This is exactly where digital service solutions such as EquipmentCloud® are applied. It forms the appropriate platform to make the transition from the product manufacturer to the solution and service provider. This requires the right mindset and an organization that is willing to drive change. The service solution provides the following added value:

    • Unified and central data base
    • Interdepartmental data access for all team members
    • Transparency on existing, upcoming and past processes
    • Always up-to-date service information
    • Build in-depth knowledge and gain new ins

A high level of user-friendliness is required to ensure a high level of acceptance at all levels. In the digital age, the smartphone is an important key to this. Communication by means of mobile devices and intuitive applications is now also a normal practice in the business environment. A mobile app for all tasks related to machines and plants, this is now a practical reality for project managers, sales, service engineers, tool owners and field service technicians with the new EquipmentCloud® mobile app. And by the way, the customer benefits decisively from this. Tiresome co-towing of laptops, which include the re-writing of handwritten notes or delays in documentation, thanks to the mobile addition of the agile IIoT platform, from now on in the past.
The EquipmentCloud® mobile app for Android and iOS devices is sometimes the key component and thus the digital pioneer for establishing proactive service and simplifying direct communication within the service team and with the customer.

How do mechanical engineers and their end customers benefit from the mobile app?

Stay up-to-date: Structured navigation menus, a central overview page, integrated filter and search functions as well as push notifications for status changes of maintenance and tickets ensure that users remain up-to-date, without losing any time due to the simple and intuitive operation.
Consistent synchronization: Whether on the web or in the app, the data is continuously synchronized in real time. This eliminates media breaks, data offset or duplicate maintenance work. The entire team thus benefits from consistently synchronized information in the web application and the mobile app.
Performance: The synchronization cycle of the data can be freely defined, but there are hardly any limits in terms of document formats (. DOC,. PDF,. ZIP etc. ). Any number of users can be granted access to the app and the machines to be monitored can be extended without restriction depending on the license.
A login and always logged in: After a single login with the existing access data of the usual user profile, no further login is necessary, so the user no longer misses any updates.
Customer-oriented and agile: Similar to the web application of EquipmentCloud®, the mobile app is developed agile and thus always customer-oriented. Continuous and application-related feedback from all users is essential for the development of the functionalities and is welcome at any time.

Where does the mobile app specifically support everyday work?

Retrieve all relevant key figures of the machine
Changes are the order of the day in project and service life. The art is not to lose an overview and to properly orchestrate the tasks and topics that arise in the team. Weekly voting dates, emails with large distributors, long excellists, countless CSV exports and the visualization of key figures by means of Excel diagrams are widespread in practice in order to become master of the flood of tasks and to ensure continuous reporting. This means a great amount of time for project or service managers to bring all the information together. The mobile app offers a variety of solutions. The central turning point is the Equipment Filter (Gear). The integrated search function or the intuitive navigation menu makes it easy and bundled to retrieve key figures and the status of open tasks for individual machines, customers or machine types.
The aggregation level is freely selectable, all information is visualized accordingly in the overview and also in the submenus (Statistical data, online data and service data) according to the selection. Machine identification is even faster with a QR scanner. All you need to do is scan the QR code on the machine on site with the camera and all the information in the mobile app is pre-filtered. This leaves more time for the important things. Key figures and trends are always up-to-date and the preparation of the weekly voting dates is significantly reduced.
Improve reaction time in the event of a service call
Reaction time is the key to high customer satisfaction. If the customer can trust that service requests and problems will be solved immediately and satisfactorily, the machine builder will be rewarded with loyalty. This requires two things: Firstly, the customer must be able to contact us intuitively and easily, and he/she must be able to follow the service processes transparently. On the other hand, the channelling of service requests is fast and the processing within the team is coordinated. Both are guaranteed with the mobile app. Open points during commissioning and service calls can be recorded, categorized, prioritized and assigned directly on site with the smartphone.
In case of adjustments or closure of service cases, the entire team is immediately informed and the customer is also always informed of the progress by activated push notifications. With one click, you can filter out your own responsibilities directly, so you can separate what is relevant from what is not important and significantly improve your own time management and ultimately speed up the reaction speed, which helps you to increase customer loyalty.
Direct access to important documentation
Manuals, datasheets, assembly instructions, service plans or drawings – the list of important documentation of plants and machines is long. Access should be guaranteed at all times for service personnel in the event of use as well as customers. It is essential that the documentation in one place is always up-to-date and there are no version overlaps. The viewing and downloading of important documents of different formats (. DOC,. PDF,. ZIP) on the smartphone is possible with the mobile app. The master data of the machines and plants (guarantee period, SLA, date of purchase, serial number, etc. ) as well as the daily-run internal team diary or external customer logbook is also part of this. Quick notes, ToDo lists or informal protocols can be kept on the spot and are transparent for all parties involved.
During commissioning, service operations, maintenance or training, the information can be accessed in the mobile app on an ad hoc basis. This creates a uniform level of knowledge within the team and between machine builders and customers and enables service technicians to act more flexibly and informably.
Simply perform maintenance with your smartphone
Maintenance and inspections are services that are often clearly regulated in maintenance contracts or SLAs. In order to plan this in a coordinated manner, to carry out it efficiently and without errors, and to complete it successfully and satisfactorily for the customer, careful preparation and work processes are required. Proven checklists support the maintenance staff in the structured processing of maintenance tasks immensely. To avoid time-consuming retention of analog notes, the digital checklists in the mobile app offer a remedy. There, measurement values and notes can be entered directly and selection lists, documents or images can be deposited directly with the respective tasks. In the integrated maintenance calendar, all maintenance can be seen at a glance and can be filtered according to the respective status.
It does not matter whether the maintenance was planned manually, cyclically, alarm-based or process-based. The push notifications of maintenance status changes reliably send reminders directly to the smartphone. In this way, neither maintainers nor customers lose an overview of upcoming, planned, overdue and finished maintenance.
Now you can not only digitize your own service processes, but also those of your customers. With the EquipmentCloud® mobile, this is now also possible on all mobile iOS and Android devices. Benefit from the extensive range of functions now and enjoy further innovations in the near future!
*Staufen AG / Peter Schreiber & Partner


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